ProFesSioNaL DeveLopMenT pLaN

My AcHieVeMenTs

So far i'm still student of chemistry education at UPSI. There 2 years to go before my graduation. I really hope that i will finish my study with flying colour result. Thanks God that i have choose the right course, and hopefully that will lead me to the right path. Really hope so.

My CaReeR ComiTmeN

When I've managed to become a teacher, I hope that I have the strength to cope with the various temperament of my students. Responsibilities of a teacher is not as simple as the thought by the public, I hope that I can perform my duties as an educator properly and effectively. Student is a person who should be in good shape with the personality and high intellectual, so I will strive to improve the image of the student to a better level. My dream is to see my students will become a useful person to their parents, comunity and also to our country, MaLaYsiA.

My DreAm CaReeR

After graduating I want to find a teaching experience for a while. So that, at least I'll able to give back to my parents who strive to provide the best for me. I have to keep the dream to continue my studies to the next level. If Allah gives more opportunities to learn and I will not hesitate to continue my studies. If there is no chance to continue my studies, then I will proceed to be a teacher and i would be the best teacher for my students so that they stay on track and managed to become a useful human being in the future.