Who aM i???

The ReaL Me

My ReaL name is ROS ANIZA BT SNIBON. Right now i'm studying at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris(UPSI) in CheMisTrY education course. I took cHeMisTrY as a major and mathematic as a minor subject. Why i'm choosing CheMistRy course?? That's my little secrets. But i let u know something, ChEmisTry is the sources of Life. All the things happen in our life, cheMisTry have the answer why it would be like that. CheMisTrY wAs So FuN, MisTeRiouS aNd InForMaTiVe=)

My FaVouRiTe QuoTaTioN

I do My ThiNg, n U do Ur ThinG
I aM NoT uP 2 Diz WorLd 2 LiVe uP 2 uR ExPacTaTioNs
n U aRe NothiNg Diz WorlD 2 LiVe Up 2 MinE
U aRe U, n I aM I
n If bY ChanCe, We FinD eAcH oTHer, iT's BeauTiFuL
If NoT iT's Can'T Be HeLpeD