The oNe aNd OnLy

A friend is someone who plays the most important role in our lives, and good friends will make our life beautiful. They will always at our side in any situation. I feel very grateful to have a good friend like HeR. Who is she?? The oNe aNd oNLy My BeZfWenZ eVeR KHOMSAH BT HAMDAN.

When everyone turned away,
U were the only one to stay,
U fought with me through,
Good & Bad,
We stay together through,
Happy & Sad,
although i had a doubt,
i knew we could work it out,
when something would make us fight,
we'd pull through,
no matter how tight,
i hope we're never totally apart,
cause you're my BezFrenZ
i know it in My HearT...

Dear SHA,

When U are sad,
i will dry your tears.
When U are scared,
I will comfort your fears.
When your are worried
I will give U hope
When u are confused
I will help U cope
And when U are Lost
aNd can't see the light
I shall be your beacon shining
over so bright
This is My Oath
I pledge tiLL the eNd
Why U MaY aSk?
Because U aRe My BezFwenZ 4eVa